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"Arena di Serdica" Hotel Residence earns the “FIABCI Prix D'Excellence Awards” prize!

Mon, 22-Apr-2013

On the 19 April 2013 in Sofia was held the first Bulgarian edition of the international competition for architecture, which features the most successful Bulgarian operational projects  -Bulgaria FIABCI Prix D'Excellence Awards. The challenged competition is organized by the International Real Estate Federation FIABCI, with the initial support of publicsector institutions worldwide. Representative committee of Bulgarian and foreign professionals assessed the participants according to extensive international criteria.

The exquisite five-star "Arena di Serdica Residence Hotel", Sofia won Prix d'Excellence Award in the category "Hotels". Holiday village "Santa Marina", Sozopol was awarded both the Prix D'Excellence Award for the holiday project and as well the grand prize in the competition and received recognition "Project of the Year".

Competition Prix d'Excellence 2013 organized by FIABCI Bulgaria entitles the 7 honoured Bulgarian projects to participate in the world title Prix d'Excellence 2014 in May next year, during the 65th World Congress of FIABCI . The awards reflect the overall success of projects, including architecture, aesthetics, functionality and above all public utility.